Stewart's Automotive Group

Stewart’s Automotive Group, a family-owned beacon of innovation and excellence in the automotive sector, is steered by Chairman Diana Stewart, CD alongside Managing Directors Duncan Stewart and Jacqueline Stewart Lechler, CD, JP. This esteemed enterprise stands out for its comprehensive dealership services and its expansive array of spare parts and accessories, leading the market in the English-speaking Caribbean.

The Group’s extensive network comprises ten legal entities, featuring six showrooms, four parts warehouses, four advanced workshops, two heavy-duty workshops, a specialized body shop, four rental locales, four retail outlets for aftermarket products, and four commercial service centers. Among these, Honda Motorcycle Jamaica shines as a pivotal aspect of Stewart’s vision, aiming to revolutionize the motorcycle industry in Jamaica by offering an unparalleled blend of quality, innovation, genuine parts and service.

Central to Stewart’s operational excellence is a sophisticated Dealer Management System, ensuring agility and precision in decision-making. The company’s workshops, manned by factory-trained technicians with specialized expertise, uphold the dealership’s long-standing tradition of exceptional service.

With a workforce of over 700 dedicated professionals, Stewart’s Automotive Group is a talent-centric organization that deeply invests in the development and empowerment of its team. Beyond its business achievements, Stewart’s is committed to good corporate citizenship, actively fostering the socioeconomic growth of Jamaica, thus positioning itself as an exciting and visionary brand in the automotive landscape.


“To remain the leading retailer and service provider of automobiles, industrial equipment and automotive products in Jamaica. Always providing our customers with the highest standard of value and service.”


“To deliver world leading brands and support while building, developing, and nourishing our family for profitable growth. We are continually setting new family standards based on our values.”


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It's easy to get in touch with us.

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